Still confused about breast density?

An easy way to imagine dense breast tissue is as clouds in the sky with breast cancers as white planes in flight. When a plane flies through wispy clouds, you can still see the plane in the air, but when a plane flies through thick clouds, it can be nearly impossible to detect.

Making Sense of Breast Density

Every woman’s breasts are unique and consist of several types of tissue. One of which, dense breast tissue, isn’t always understood. Dense breast tissue is the comparison of tissue on a mammogram – dense breasts having more glandular and fibrous tissue compared to fatty tissue.

Breast density is common and varies among women. Today, nearly half of women over age 40 have dense breasts.11,12 Thankfully, the Genius™ exam is the only mammogram FDA approved as superior for women with dense breasts.1,2

Your Body & Breast Density

Just because your breasts feel firm, doesn’t mean they’re dense. The best way to detect breast density is through a mammogram – so always be sure to get your annual exam and talk to your physician.

After a mammogram, you may receive a report from your doctor that includes a categorization of your breast density ranging from mostly fatty to extremely dense. Your doctor will factor this in when determining your overall breast cancer risk and personalized screening approach.

  • a

    Breasts are almost all fatty tissue.

  • b

    There are scattered areas of dense glandular and fibrous tissue.

  • c

    More of the breast is made of dense glandular and fibrous tissue.

  • d

    Breasts are extremely dense.

Sample images from ACR. These are simulated, not real clinical images

A 3D Mammography™ exam like the Genius™ exam can help detect significantly more cancers and has shown greater accuracy for women across a variety of ages and breast densities compared to 2D mammography alone.1,2,8

The Importance of Breast Density

Having dense breasts is completely normal, though it’s important to be aware that it is a risk factor for developing breast cancer. Lesions can be obscured by dense tissue on a traditional mammogram, making cancers harder to detect. Fortunately, 3D mammograms improve the chance of finding cancer in most breasts.8 And the Genius™ exam is the only FDA approved system with proven superior performance for women with dense breasts, compared to traditional mammography.1,2 Plus, the Genius™ exam has been clinically proven to reduce the chance of callbacks by 40%.2,5*

Remember, every woman’s breast health journey is different, but every screening process should start with the Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exam. So talk to your doctor today about the Genius™ exam. Find out who offers it near you by clicking here.

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